Save a Chick. Go Eggless this Easter.

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We paint them, drop them (whoops!), and hunt for them. The first egg-laying-bunny frequented a grassy-green field in Germany, then sent her magical bunny children off into the world. The tradition began in Germany, but let’s call the second part a creative embellishment. Easter eggs represent new life and fertility. These traditions have been around for ages, and I have to say I adore them.


Male chicks are useless to the egg industry as they cannot produce eggs, or grow fast enough to be sold as food. The egg industry disposes of male chicks by grinding them, or throwing them away in garbage bags. These sweet babies are conscious throughout.

baby chicks3

By purchasing eggs, we are supporting (with our dollar) these practices. It’s a sad reality that a photo of baby chicks can spread the biggest smile across our face, while through our shopping habits, we support the unkind treatment of these sentient (and adorable) beings.

Eggs for food?

If you choose to eat eggs, locate a family farm who treats these animals as kindly as possible. Granted this sounds easier in theory, but the internet is your friend and hello good karma.

Eggs for painting?

Keep the tradition but ditch the eggs! Read on to find a fun, compassionate, and cheaper alternative!


Potatoes are the perfect substitute for your traditional Easter egg. With my 8-year-old cousin as the tester, we painted our very own batch of tie-dye “eggs” with washable acrylic paint.

For our tie-dye effect, swirl two colours on a plate, roll your potato through the paint, and let dry. For younger children, paint your potatoes solid colours and let dry overnight. They can pick their favourite colour and decorate with a brush or their fingers.

These Easter potatoes were a hit and here’s why:

Less mess! Say bye to yolks over your kitchen floor.

More variety. From big to baby-sized there are endless varieties your kids can choose from. I chose small white potatoes for the tradition egg shape and size. Larger potatoes may be a hit too, as my cousin snatched the biggest of the bunch for more canvas space.

Kid-friendly. Potatoes won’t crack or crumble in your little munchkin’s grip! Their beautiful creations will last much longer than the Easter holidays.

Remember, we can spread compassion one small change at a time. Paint a potato and have a happy Easter! Xxx