fresh clubhouse wrap

INSPIRATION: Three years ago I could barely make a piece of toast… seriously those little toaster dials were not my friend! Let’s say I’ve learned a little bit since then, and have come to really enjoy cooking (and un-cooking, fresh is best). Since those early days the elusive “collard wrap” has always intrigued me. It’s taken … More fresh clubhouse wrap

spring tea sandwiches

INSPIRATION: Afternoon tea is a favourite in my family! We used to go to a hotel in Toronto, but have discovered preparing it at home is much more fun, cozy, and vegan-friendly! At any tea, mini sandwiches are a must. This year our sandwich selection included three raw, vegan spreads on sprouted bread. Cashews create … More spring tea sandwiches

fully-raw sunshine maki

INSPIRATION: I’ve just started  my own personal challenge – 40 days of delicious, beautiful, living RAW foods! Today my Queen’s girlfriend asked me what’s wrong with cooking your food? Such a good question, because there’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with it. Cooked whole grains, vegetables, beans, etc. can be very healthy. Raw foods just have a … More fully-raw sunshine maki

watermelon tomato salad with fresh mint

INSPIRATION: Cousins day by the pool! Our babe Andrew loves tomatoes, so we stocked up. Watermelon is super hydrating, perfect for this sunny day, known in our fam as NO RULES THURSDAY! MUSIC to cook to: Watermät – Bullit SERVES: four INGREDIENTS Selection of your favourite tomatoes, I used 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes and … More watermelon tomato salad with fresh mint