When performed with care, detoxification helps to renew your body on a physical and spiritual level. It supports your body in the removal of toxins, resulting in improved energy, glowing skin, weight loss, and a clear mind.  Detoxification is a personal matter.  I create individualized plans based on your current diet and lifestyle, providing you with a safe and effective experience.



  1. 1 HOUR CONSULTATION: in person or over the phone
  2. FOOD and LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT: We discuss why you are looking to detox and what you hope to achieve from a detoxification. We also assess your current lifestyle including food and exercise. This determines the intensity and length of your plan.
  3. PERSONALISED DETOXIFICATION PLAN: Steps towards a safe and effective detoxification covering: food, gentle exercise, and mindfulness practices.
  4. CUSTOMISED MEAL PLAN: Easy to follow and spanning the entire length of your detoxification program.
  5. CONTINUED SUPPORT: Email support to clarify any questions you may have throughout the detoxification process.

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