Vegan For Love

A Valentine’s Cookbook

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Puppy love. I was 15 and crushing hard at horseback riding camp. We got freezies at the snack bar, canoed around the lake, and talked for hours. Reliving this memory lights me up, and I think I know why.

It was real. I was a baby, and knew next to nothing about life, but it was exceptionally real.

Aside from being totally adorable, our earliest experiences with love can teach us a lot. They are pure and passion driven, founded on butterflies and sustained by listening to our sweet little heart. They are really our first big lesson in trusting our instincts and unapologetically pursuing  what makes us happy.

Imagine we went through life like this. What if we actively applied the essence of ‘puppy love’ to all areas. Chose jobs that made us excited. Spoke our deepest truths, with confidence. Stood up for what we believed in, regardless of public opinion… much like double texting your crush when your girlfriends say – hell no!

When we lead with our hearts, the result is always love, and our world could definitely use some more of that right now.

Together with my beautiful kindred soul Rhiana Madeline, we created this cookbook like two 15 year old girls, stoked on our first love! We hope that energy translates through our recipes and through our words, which we are so excited to share with you.

Peace, Plants, & Puppy Love

Julia x